Night scope

A night scope is great for night hunting and sighting.

You will want to decide on the type of device to purchase depending on your needs or the use you have in mind. A pair of night vision goggles that you can wear on your head giving you the hands free experience. Night vision binoculars and monocular s allowing you to watch wildlife and the natural world.


What exactly is a night scope(night vision scope) and how does it work?

This is a common question and if you are not sure how it works here is a brief introduction to the technology. Night vision can be divided into two categories:

  • Thermal imaging
  • Image intensifyingImage intensifying

Image intensifying systems take available light and make it amplify it to a visible degree. Therefore, image intensifiers cannot work in areas or places of total darkness as there is nothing for the system to grab hold of as it were, nothing to work with. most importantly, the classic example given to illustrate this is a cave like environment, underground and lacking any kind of light source. These devices are useless here.

The device captures light through the lens and inside an image intensifier tube converts the pho-tonic light energy into electrons. These electrons are added to other similar electrons thus multiplying the original image pattern.

Out in the open, starlight and moonlight are usually more than enough for these systems to work effectively and provide a wide range of images.

Thermal imaging


Thermal (from Greek and originally relating to ‘hot springs’) imaging uses the upper portion of the infra red spectrum. We as humans cannot see this area naturally as these wavelengths are beyond processing by our brains.

A thermal based night vision device works by detecting sources or objects that emit heat. These will stand out and be more visible i.e. give off more infra red radiation than a cold object. The device creates a temperature pattern as it were from across its field of view. This pattern is then converted into electrical impulses which is then converted into data that we can see usually different color shapes.

Using these devices it is easy to find ‘alive’ subjects such as animals and game or people who are given away by their body heat; this is very hard to hide.


Night vision uses in the real world

Night Scope

Armed forces all over the world rely on night vision in modern warfare.

Hunters find these devices invaluable for dark hours activity.

Surveillance and espionage by official agencies and private organizations

Home use for pure recreation and amateur activities

Fun! Devices made for family fun and technology used in kid’s toys.

Buying a night vision scope or other night vision device.

Night vision technology has progressed over the years and you will find devices that are classed as different generations with 1st generation being the oldest and most inexpensive available. The later the generation then the better the overall technology and therefore the image results will be. When you decide to get the best available look for the latest generation.

Here you will find gathered together on the ‘night vision scope models page, so the devices from different makers available at Amazon clearly laid out, therefore, you can choose the model that’s right for you. The fact that you have found this website already means that you are serious about your night vision and how to utilize it in your life; one of the best moves you will ever make, whether you decide to do that now is…buy a great piece of night vision kit! I wish you all the best in your nocturnal pursuits!

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